Temmuz 3, 2023
Görseli yüklemek için Dosya yükleye tıklayın. Daha sonra Öne çıkarılmış görseli ayarla butonuna tıklayn.
Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment program, introduced in 2016 to attract foreign direct investment and boost the real estate sector, has undergone significant changes to make it more appealing to investors. The program offers various means for investors to contribute to the Turkish economy and gain Turkish citizenship....
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Establishing a Company in Turkey
Establishing a Company in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide for Foreign Investors Introduction: Turkey has emerged as an attractive destination for foreign investors due to its thriving economy, strategic location, young population, and skilled workforce. Recent legal reforms have further facilitated foreign investments in the country, making it a favorable choice for establishing a company. The...
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Turkish Citizenship Through Bank Deposit
Introduction: Acquiring Turkish citizenship through bank deposits is a unique pathway available for individuals interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship. By depositing a minimum of $500,000 USD or its equivalent in a foreign currency into a bank operating in Turkey and committing to maintaining the deposit for a minimum of three years, individuals can fulfill the...
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Residence Permits In Turkey
1. Short-Term Residence Permits In Turkey Short-term residence permit is a type of residence permit issued for foreigners who wish to stay in Turkey for a longer period than the visa or visa exemption period. It is mandatory for all foreigners who want to stay longer than the designated period to apply for this residence...
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