Turkish Labor And Employment Law


Turkish Labor And Employment Law

Navigating the complexities of Turkish employment law is essential for both employers and employees. At Bilici Attorneys At Law, our team of experienced lawyers specializes in Turkish employment law and provides comprehensive legal services to ensure workplace compliance and protect the rights of employers and employees.

Key Aspects of Turkish Employment Law:

Employment Contracts: Turkish employment law regulates the relationship between employers and employees through the establishment of clear and enforceable employment contracts. Our knowledgeable lawyers can assist in drafting and reviewing employment contracts to ensure compliance with Turkish labor regulations.

Employee Rights and Benefits: Turkish employment law safeguards the rights and benefits of employees, including minimum wage, working hours, annual leave, and social security coverage. We provide guidance on employee rights, assist in resolving disputes related to wages or benefits, and represent clients in litigation when necessary.

Termination and Severance: Turkish employment law sets out the procedures and requirements for terminating employment contracts. Our lawyers can guide employers and employees through the termination process, ensuring compliance with legal obligations and providing advice on severance pay and post-employment restrictions.

Workplace Compliance: We help employers maintain workplace compliance by providing legal advice on matters such as occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination policies, and employee privacy rights. Our lawyers conduct audits and assessments to identify any compliance gaps and develop strategies to mitigate potential risks.

Why Choose Bilici Attorneys At Law:

When it comes to Turkish employment law matters, Bilici Attorneys At Law offers a client-focused approach and deep understanding of the legal landscape. Our team of experienced lawyers is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. We prioritize proactive compliance measures and strive to protect the rights and interests of both employers and employees.

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If you require assistance with Turkish employment law matters or need guidance on workplace compliance, contact Bilici Attorneys At Law. Our experienced team is ready to listen to your concerns, evaluate your case, and provide you with strong legal representation. Trust us to navigate the complexities of Turkish employment law and ensure compliance with legal requirements in your workplace.