Inheritance Law and Wills


Inheritance Law and Wills

Bilici Attorneys At Law, provides expert legal guidance in the field of Turkish Inheritance Law. Our experienced team of lawyers specializes in handling matters related to Turkish inheritance, and we are dedicated to protecting your rights and ensuring the smooth transfer of assets according to Turkish law.

Our services in Turkish Inheritance Law include:

Estate Planning: We assist individuals and families in developing comprehensive estate plans tailored to Turkish regulations. Our lawyers help you draft wills, establish trusts, and create strategies to minimize potential disputes and tax obligations under Turkish law.

Will Drafting and Review: Our team guides clients through the process of drafting a valid and enforceable will that complies with Turkish legal requirements. We ensure that your will accurately reflects your wishes regarding the distribution of assets, appointment of heirs, and other important considerations.

Probate and Estate Administration: We provide comprehensive assistance in probate proceedings and estate administration under Turkish law. Our lawyers handle matters such as asset valuation, debt settlement, distribution of assets, and resolving any disputes that may arise among beneficiaries.

Inheritance Disputes: If you are involved in an inheritance dispute in Turkey, our skilled litigators are prepared to represent your interests. We handle contested wills, claims against the estate, disputes among heirs, and other related matters in accordance with Turkish inheritance law.

International Inheritance: Our firm has extensive experience in handling international inheritance cases involving Turkish assets and cross-border estates. We navigate the complexities of international laws and treaties to ensure the proper transfer of assets and protect your rights.

At Bilici Attorneys At Law, we understand the importance of Turkish Inheritance Law and the intricacies of Turkish inheritance matters. We provide personalized legal solutions that adhere to Turkish regulations and meet your specific needs.

If you require legal assistance in Turkish Inheritance Law, contact us today. Our dedicated team of Turkish inheritance lawyers is here to guide you through the process, protect your rights, and ensure the efficient transfer of assets in accordance with Turkish law.